Top-Box-System Components

L-Bracket (Generic Image)

AERO Bike-Pack System Bike-Pack Systems EVO Bike-Pack System Top-Box System
The L-Bracket is the centerpiece of the Ventura Bike-Pack System and they are individually designed and engineered for each different model motorcycle. One of...

Top-Box Rack (Generic Image)

Bike-Pack Systems Top-Box System
We have developed a special Top-Box Rack that can be easily fitted to our existing VENTURA Bike-Pack System.   The mounting plate that is...

Top-Box-System Packs


$89.00 USD
Bike-Packs Luggage Top-Box Packs
New to the Ventura range is the Astro Top-Box, a hard luggage top box with a 32 Liter capacity that comes with a mounting...

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